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Decluttering during COVID-19 isolation and thinking of selling your gold? It couldn’t be easier – bring it to us and get the best price.

With Gold and Silver at Record High Prices, Your Old Jewellery Can be Worth a lot of Money.

We pay cash for Gold and Silver items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, wedding bands, coins, bullion & other scrap gold items.

At Megha Jewellers, we buy all types of Gold  & Silver in any condition! Our premium valuation service ensures you’ll always get paid the best price when you sell your gold with us.

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We Buy Old Gold & Diamonds in Borivali

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Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Gold Buying

Yes! The Condition Of Your Item Is Irrelevant To Our Calculations, As We Melt The Metal Down After Purchase. Only The Weight, Purity And Gold Price On The Day Are Factored Into The Calculation. So Those Pesky Tangled Chains And Single Earrings Clogging Your Jewellery Box Can Fetch You Great Money! Bring It To Us Now And We Promise To Look After You.

At The Time Of Assessment, We Calculate The Value Of Your Jewellery Based On The Following Factors:

Each Karat Holds A Different Percentage Of Gold. Starting With 24k, Which Is 100% Purity, And Working Its Way Down. So, Depending On The Percentage Of Gold, You Are Paid Based On The Gold Price On The Day For 24k (100% Purity) Gold Bullion That Trades In The Stock Market.

The Weight Of Your Precious Metals And Jewellery Items Are Also Used In The Equation. The Heavier The Item, The More Money In Your Pocket.

Yes, Absolutely. That Is Part Of Our Service. We Test Each Individual Item And Then Advise You On Any Items We Find Are Plated Or Filled, And Can’t Be Purchased.

No, It’s All Free! Any Valuations We Do On Your Gold, Silver, Diamonds And Other Items Is Absolutely Free And You Have No Obligation To Sell.

Yes, We Do Purchase Real Diamonds Or Precious Stones, However, Their Valuation Can’t Be Immediately Done Because It Depends On Various Factors. Do Bring Along Any Additional Certificate / Invoice That Was Given To You At The Time Of Purchase.

Do You Have Any Old Diamond Rings Or Earrings, Unwanted Diamond Pendants Or Loose Diamonds On Their Own? We Will Provide A Free Expert Valuation Of Your Diamonds And Guarantee You The Fair Price.

Selling A Diamond Can Seem Like A Difficult Process, That’s Why We Will Make This Simple As Possible For You. Our Diamond Experts Will Sit Down With You And Show You The Fair Market Price For Your Diamonds Based On The International Diamond Wholesale Market. We Will Give You All The Information You Need On Your Diamonds So That You Are Comfortable And You Are Getting The Best Price.

Diamond Laboratory Certificates Are Highly Recommended When Selling A Diamond But Not Necessary. If You Have Any Diamond Certificates, Let Us Know Or Bring Them In To Help Us Give You The Highest Price For Your Diamonds. We Can Give You An Initial Valuation Based On The Information In Your Certificate.

What Makes Up The Value Of Your Diamond?
When Selling Your Diamond The Value Will Be Determined By The” 4 Cs” Of A Diamond – Carat Weight, Colour, Clarity And Cut.

Carat Weight – This Is The Measure Of Weight Of A Diamond. The More Carat Weight The More Rare And Valuable The Diamond Is.

Colour – Diamonds Come In Many Varieties Of Colours Such As White, Yellow Or Pink. In A White Diamond, The Presence Of A Yellow Tint Will Lower The Value. The Less Body Colour In A White Diamond, The More True Colour It Will Reflect And Thus The Greater Its Value.

Clarity – This Refers To The Degree To Which There Are “Imperfections” (I.e. Inclusions And Birthmarks) In A Diamond. The Less Inclusions In A Diamond The Greater The Value Of Your Diamond.

Cut – The Cut Of A Diamond Refers To Its Proportion, Symmetry And Polish. The Beauty Of A Diamond Depends Probably The Most Oncut Than The Other Factors.

There Is Also One More Important Factor Which Helps Determine A Diamond’s Value – Shape. Diamonds Come In Many Shapes, The Traditional Shapes Such As Round Brilliant Cut And Princess Cut Diamond Tend To Hold More Value Due To Their Popularity In Diamond Jewellery.


We Buy Gold Silver Diamonds Platinum Gemtstones

Do You Have Gold And Jewellery You Don’t Wear Or Use Anymore? At Megha Jewellers We Guarantee You The Best Price For Your Old Or Unwanted Gold And Jewellery. We Will Buy Your Gold, Silver Platinum Or Diamond Jewellery In Any Condition, Whether New, Old Or Broken. We Even Buy Your Old Or New Coins And Bullions. So Don’t Delay, Turn All That Gold You Have Lying Around Into Hard And Real Cash At Megha Jewellers

Any Gold Jewellery, In Fact! We’ll Value It Immediately And Give You Cash For Your Gold!

We Are Interested In Lonely, Unwanted Jewellery Laying Dormant In Your Jewellery Box. As We Value Items Based On Weight, Purity And Spot Price On The Day, The Condition Of Your Items Is Irrelevant. Sell Your Gold Jewellery With Us And We Are Sure You Will Be Surprised By Their Value!

Gold Prices Are At All-Time High

With Gold At All Time Record High Prices Now Is The Best Time To Cash In On All That Gold You May Have. If You Are Looking For Honesty, Integrity And Openness When Selling Your Gold Items Or Diamonds Then Contact Us At Megha Jewellers.

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